"Dear Rebecca, Thank you so much for looking after our unit. You have been amazing! If i ever get the opportunity, i will definitely recommend you to others. Thanks again"

Jen,Ed & Millie


"we have the best living experience in here since I arrived in Australia. We really enjoy living in this place. And you are the best and kindest real estate agent I have ever seen. Indeed we will pass your contact information to anyone who wants to rent or buy property."



"you've been fantastic, thank you for everything. As rental property tenants, you've been wonderfully helpful and the level of service you've provided us has been first-class! We definitely will be recommending you to anyone we know that will be looking into the market"



"Thanks Rebecca. Jase and I feel we have made a very wise decision in our dealings with yourself, and feel the tenant is a great fit for the home. We wish them much enjoyment of the space and what the location offers her family."

Vienna & Jase.


"Rebecca Svenoy Enlighten Property is the best estate agent in Sydney!

you gave us hope in the world that there are great estate agents it there.. Just have to dig deep.. You're a diamond in the rough."



"Rebecca a little on you. Without a doubt you are the best rental real estate agent I have ever dealt with. Your communication is excellent, you are always open and honest and ultra quick to respond on even the smallest inquiry."

Cheers, Miles


"Rebecca, you are without a doubt the most capable property manager I have dealt with. You are professional, on the ball, obliging, friendly, take on the task to hand, organised, and the list goes on."

Warm regards, Anne


"As an owner of an investment property residing some 10 hours distant, the biggest risk to mitigate for is the breaking of a tenancy agreement. In typical fashion, the first agent who was already in procession of material to market the property, suggested after 5 days that the price was too high and needed appropriate adjustment. To me this was an indication of a decision which served the agent’s interests rather than the clients. The second agent, represented by Rebecca Svenoy, was the first to market the property with her own photographic material, was proactive in arrangement of and physical presence at open property days, and reliable in feedback communication with myself. The professional way in which she represented her employer and her client was rewarded with a contract after just more than two weeks on the market, at the price which I initially requested. I have no hesitation in recommending Rebecca to any property investor."

Sincerely, Derrick


"You are probably the most efficient PM depts. I have experienced apart from our own. Well done, keep it up. It’s a good impression you’ve left on us. A phone call makes a difference."

We thank you, Brett


"Hi Rebecca, Thank you for showing us the house. It was delightful to encounter a professional and pleasant real estate agent which sadly is not very common."

Kind regards, Tanja and John


"Dear Rebecca, thanks so much for finding us a fabulous home and helping us throughout the year. Your service has been flawless! Thanks again."

Warm wishes, Mel and Anton


Charity Auction


"The event raised over $13,000 for the humpty Dumpty Foundation which is a fantastic outcome. We are very grateful for your contribution on the night, your ability to engage the room was noted by all. Once again, thank you for your time and enthusiasm to assist in this fundraising effort for the Humpty Dumpty Foundation."



"Thanks so much for your good humour and expertise on Saturday night. You did a fantastic job and I feel confident you couldn’t have squeezed more cash out of our guests! I will pop in when I get back to personally thank your employer for loaning out such a talented and funny member of staff."

Regards, Nuala